United Nations.
Geneva Map


Project Overview
The city of Geneva hosts a large number of international organizations, NGOs, academic institutions and other entities.

The United Nations commissioned this 3D map that highlights the main buildings hosting those organizations and links them to initiatives around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

My Contributions
Selected and set-up technology stack for the project. Designed map interactions. Developed front-end application. Coordinated 3D modeling integration.
Other key contributors
- Griselda Serra (Project Direction)
- Xavier Rivas (Creative Director)
Project screenshot
Interactive 3D Map
Three.js, VueJS, Cinema4D
This project involved finding a 3D model of the city of Geneva that we could slice to extract the buildings hosting any of the included organizations, as well as modeling and texturing in high detail some of the most salient such as the Palais des Nations.
The city's model was parsed and prepared to be loaded within a ThreeJS scene. Below the 3D architecture we used a custom-made texture featuring the main roads, parks and other distinguible locations.

Floating panels and menus make it easy to find specific organizations as well as highlighting those that are working on any of the SDGs 2030.