Metropolis Barcelona Exhibition


Project Overview
Barcelona's Metropolitan Area (Area Metropolitana de Barcelona, AMB) organised an exhibition at the Design HUB in Barcelona. The exhibition presented the urbanistic transformations of the metropolitan area from 1976 to current day. These transformations occured at many levels: architectural, infrastructural, demographic, cultural, and more.

I was comissioned to develop one of the many different installations integrating the exhibition, with an interactive app focused on local migratory patterns through time.
My Contributions
Assessed and decided technology stack for the project. Designed user interactive experience. Developed front-end application. Provided support and maintenance
Other key contributors
- Sergio Garruta (Project Direction)
Project screenshot
Interactive Kiosk
Javascript, Angular, D3
The user interface depicts a map of the metropolitan area (Barcelona city + neighbouring towns, one of the most populated urban areas on the Mediterranean coast with a population of around 5M). A network chart overlaid on top of the map shows the migratory volume between locations. Two menus allow selecting time range and origin/destination locations. The interactive installation is integrated in a larger space with informative panels and additional resources.
Project screenshotProject screenshotProject screenshot