United In The World


Project Overview
Etihad Airlines wanted an interactive kiosk dedicated to show the main international relations of the United Arab Emirates (UAB) and its presence in international organizations.

This kiosk would be installed in multiple airports for passengers to visit and interact in a large touch screen.
It was also exhibited at the Etihad Museum in 2018.

The application shows a number of locations on the surface of the Earth's globe connected to the UAB. Each location contains a set of images, videos and texts describing relevant events.
My Contributions
Assessed and decided technology stack for the project. Designed user interactive experience. Developed front-end application. Provided support and maintenance
Other key contributors
- Sergio Garruta (Project Direction)
Project screenshot
Interactive Kiosk
Three.js, AngularJS, Electron
Due to the nature of the project (a kiosk intended to be used by commuters and airport visitors) the user experience was expected to be short (~5 minutes) and therefore the interaction had to be intuitive, simple and clear. With that in mind we condensed all the information in a single interactive element, the Earth's globe, with just 3 basic actions: drag to rotate, pinch to zoom in/out, press to select landmark. This last event opens a details panel with a media slideshow (images and video) equally simple to navigate.
Two secondary menus allow filtering the presented events by category and changing the application's language between english and arabic.
Project screenshotProject screenshotProject screenshot